We at the Sexuality and Well-being Lab are committed to diversity and inclusion in our hiring and research practices. We support our LGBTQIA+ lab members and peers, our POC lab members and peers, and people of all other identities. We continue to work towards creating an accountable and safe space in our lab. We do so by our commitment to continuing to learn about racism, sexism, and other forms of discrimination and by mindfully conducting our research through an anti-oppressive lens. We know that this commitment is part of an ongoing learning and unlearning process. We welcome applications from people of all backgrounds who share these values.

Prospective Research Assistants

The SWell Lab is currently accepting applications for January! 

The SWell Lab is a good fit for students looking to gain experience in research, specifically in the area of sexual health. Volunteer tasks may include participant recruitment, data entry, piloting surveys and experiments, and conducting literature reviews. Volunteering in the SWell Lab will provide you with a rich training environment where you will develop competence in your research skills as well as confidence.

If you are interested in volunteering as a research assistant, please send your application package (including Application Form, CV, transcript, and class schedule) any questions/requests to

Prospective Graduate Students

The SWell Lab may be accepting a new graduate student for the 2022-2023 academic year.

We will be looking for students who have demonstrated interest in and experience with research related to sexual health and well-being (broadly defined), and who aspire to an academic career or clinician-scientist career in clinical psychology. We are looking to recruit students interested in one of our two multi-method research streams: 1) investigating cognitive and affective mechanisms contributing to arousal and desire in healthy and clinical samples, and 2) investigating risk and protective factors contributing to individuals’ and couples’ sexual health and wellbeing. Both of these research streams are focused on identifying mechanisms that we can then use to develop new interventions for sexual dysfunction. Graduate students will have the opportunity to contribute to these ongoing research studies and to design, implement, and publish new research projects that are in line with the goals of our lab. Interested students are encouraged to email SWell Lab Director at