STORK: Supporting the Transition to Parenthood through Online Sex and Relationship Knowledge

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We are seeking couples who are up to 22 weeks pregnant to participate in the STORK pilot study.

What is STORK? The first online couple-based program designed to enhance knowledge about changes to sexuality during pregnancy and postpartum and skills to cope with these changes. STORK was designed to strengthen couples’ relationships across the transition to parenthood.

What is involved? You and your partner will complete the STORK program’s 5 online modules in pregnancy (1 per week) and a final module at 2 months postpartum. You will also complete 2 surveys—before and after you have completed the program—that gather information about your relationship, your pregnancy experience, your feedback on the STORK program, and your child.

Wondering if you are a good fit for the study? Here are the couples we are seeking: 

  • One member of the couple is up to 22 weeks pregnant with your first baby
  • You have no previous children
  • You are both 18 years or older
  • You are in a married or cohabitating romantic relationship of at least 12 months
  • You have NOT received instruction from a healthcare professional to avoid sexual activity
  • Both members of the couple willing to participate
  • Both members are fluent in English

* If you have more than one romantic partner you may still be a good fit for the study provided that you are willing to participate with one partner who fits the above characteristics.

Inclusivity matters: STORK requires one member of the couple to be currently pregnant. Otherwise, STORK is open to individuals of all genders, bodies, and sexual orientations.

In addition to having free access to the STORK program, you can receive $33 CAD or currency equivalent each ($66 CAD or currency equivalent per couple) for completing the two surveys that are a part of the study. Your time is valuable to us!