It’s networking time! The SWell lab had a fantastic time hearing from folks in the field of sexuality in the Lower Mainland!

This Friday on May 27, UBC Sexual Health Research hosted the first ever Sexual Health Networking Event! The event featured presentations from folks from the fields of sex therapy, physiotherapy, medicine, and research and offered opportunities to get to connect and know one another!

✨ Our brilliant lab director, Dr. Samantha Dawson, discussed the amazing work that we are currently doing at our lab and our focus on intra- and interpersonal factors associated with sexual health and well-being.

✨ Graduate student, Marta Kolbuszewska spoke on the exploratory network of sexual function and psychological symptoms in adult women.

✨ Our grad student, Erin Fitzpatrick discussed her research on body image, sexual satisfaction, and relationship satisfaction in post-partum couples.

Grad student Sonia Milani, our incoming grad student Kiarah O’Kane, and our communications coordinator, Natasha Zippan, spoke on the latest research they’re doing at the UBC Sexual Health Research Lab!

What a fantastic opportunity to share and connect and we are so so proud over all the science our students are leading!

From left to right: Stephanie, Erin, Sonia, Dr. Dawson, Yana, Kiarah, Marta, and Natasha