Five of our brilliant lab members presented at the 25th Annual UBC Psychology Undergraduate Research Conference (PURC) on March 31st and April 1st!

Here are some brief descriptions of the research we presented:

Maya: In a dyadic study with data from three timepoints in the pregnancy and postpartum periods, we examined links between an individuals’ own body image self-consciousness with their own and their partners’ sexual frequency, sexual satisfaction, and sexual distress.

Elena: This study examined if memories of first sexual experiences have more episodic details than other events. Participants provided three memories and we used natural language processing to score episodic details. We expect first sexual experiences to have more episodic details, indicating that they are remembered differently.

Nicholas: Sexual pleasure plays a central role in people’s sexual lives and overall well-being. This study used qualitative analysis to explore how people define and evaluate their sexual pleasure. We included open ended questions regarding pleasure in both solitary and partnered contexts, providing valuable data to strengthen academic understandings of sexual pleasure experiences.

Stephanie: A person’s first sexual experience has been described as a pivotal event in an individuals’ life, with significant implications for later sexuality. Despite the importance of first sexual experiences for an individuals’ identity, no research has explored how people remember and make meaning of this experience. The proposed study examined if a person’s first sexual experience is remembered differently than a temporal control event and from their most recent sexual experience.

Alexis: The purpose of this study is to examine similarities and differences in rates of sexual pleasure within and between-groups (e.g., age, sexual orientation, gender, ethnicity), and examine associations between sexual pleasure and other sexual and relational outcomes.