Three of our amazing graduate students presented at the Society for Sex Therapy & Research’s (SSTAR) 48th Annual Hybrid Meeting!

Our very own PI, Dr. Samantha Dawson is the scientific co-chair for this year’s conference alongside Dr. Kristen Mark!

Here is a little sneak-peek into the research we presented:

⭐️ Marta T. Kolbuszewska, BA (she/her): We examined associations between facets of sexual function, sexual distress, and psychological symptoms in women with and without sexual function problems using a network approach. We found that while networks did not differ significantly between groups, symptoms like arousal, sadness, and anhedonia were important for both women with and without sexual function problems. This research has implications for potential targets of intervention for women with comorbid sexual function problems and psychological difficulties.

⭐️ Erin Fitzpatrick, BSc (she/her): At 3-months postpartum, we found that when either parent reported greater difficulty caring for or soothing their infant, or poorer infant sleep quality, these were linked with poorer sexual and relationship outcomes for both members of the couple.

⭐️ Kiarah O’Kane, BA (she/they): We explored the links between demographic factors and sexual myth endorsement, whether sexual myth endorsement was linked with sexual outcomes, and whether a novel social media knowledge translation initiative (MisconSEXions) was effective at reducing sexuality myth endorsement. We found that people with majority identities and those with limited access to information about sexuality are most at risk of myth endorsement, with negative consequences for sexual well-being. Additionally, knowledge translation initiatives like @MisconSEXions seem to be effective at reducing myth endorsement. @thephaselab