It was that time of the year again!

We invited everyone to join us for the second annual BC Sexual Health Networking Event, co-hosted by UBC Sexual Health Research (@ubcshr), the Psychology, Health, and Sexuality Lab (@thephaselab), and the SWell Lab!

EIGHT of our incredible team members presented at this year’s event, with topics covering:

🧑‍❤️‍🧑 Self-compassion and couples’ sexuality
💦 Sexual pleasure
🔥 Sexual desire
🧘 Sexual mindfulness and couples’ sexuality
🍆 Genital self-image and sexuality
💭 People’s memories of their first-time sexual experiences
📱 Technology-facilitated sexual violence!

Grad student, Erin, presented on the associations between self-compassion, compassionate love, sexual and relationship satisfaction, and sexual distress in expectant and new parent couples.

NSERC Summer Student, Stephanie, presented a study that delved into the significance of individuals’ memories for their first sexual experiences.

Grad student, Kiarah, presented results from two studies examining cross-sectional and longitudinal links between genital self-image and own and perceived partner sexual satisfaction.

Research Assistant, Alexis, presented on a study that explored the variations in rates of sexual pleasure and orgasm among different social groups, such as gender and sexual orientation.

Grad student, Simone, presented on mindfulness and its links with couples’ sexual well-being.

Grad student, Vasileia, discussed image-based sexual abuse, a form of technology-facilitated sexual violence facilitated. Across five studies, she explored the interplay of gender norms, power dynamics, and digitally mediated sexual harm.

Grad student, Marta, presented a study examining the relationship between sexual pleasure and dyadic and solitary sexual desire. The research aimed to determine whether individuals perceiving a pleasure gap reported lower desire.

Research Assistant, Nicholas, presented on a qualitative study that sought to understand how people defined and measured their sexual pleasure.